As problems of ever-getting-serious indoor air pollution such as sick house syndrome have become issues, the Ministry of Environment announced the implementation of a law on management of indoor air from the end of May. For this reason, consumers¡¯ attention has recently focused on products regarding clean air. As a result, related companies have competitively come out various new products and Eva Health Tech Industry Ltd. which launched air purifier ``solid oxygen¡¯¡¯ hasas attracted attention not only from the consumers but also from related firms.
This product, the world¡¯s first air purifier which removes all kinds of acid gases and carbon dioxide which are harmful to human body and generates oxygen at the same time, is reportedly differentiated in that the company developed it using advanced materials which can be safely and conveniently in our daily lives based on technologies that were adopted by the U.S. NASA for space ships.
This product is completely different from existing machine-type oxygen generators and removes an removes and creates oxygen in a way similar to photosynthesis.
Therefore, there are no side-effects like oxygen poisoning and its effect is like growing one or two pine trees in the house.
Comparing it to oxygen stored in existing cylinders, it is as if solid oxygen within a plastic case stores the same amount of oxygen. Hence, using the solid oxygen is an environment-friendly way to store oxygen conveniently and safely.
Air purifier ``Solid Oxygen¡¯¡¯ which is in the market increases the amount of oxygen as much as removed acid oxygen or carbon dioxide, so it can be used in any place such as underground shopping malls, rooms for new-born babies, infants or examinees, offices and cars and public places. Many countries including Japan, China, the U.S., Germany, France and Canada have sought to have business together. Like this, this product has heightened its values domestically and internationally.
Eva Health Tech plans to launch a new product which can have effects of forest therapy by equipping functions of emitting anion and herb scent as well as functions of air oxygen generation and harmful gas removal.